The BERLINDESIGNCLUB is a design initiative that aims to clarify Berlin’s design identity by presenting and empowering its designers within their community and abroad.

The BERLINDESIGNCLUB engages ambitious creatives through collaborative events and projects which address all aspects of design.

Our aim is not only to advance the individual designer but to raise the profile of Berlin design as a community.

The BERLINDESIGNCLUB is an inclusive project that openly supports Berlin’s existing creative collectives and new aesthetic movements. We seek out opportunities for integration and collaboration.

Our activities merge the creative sectors of graphic, product, environmental design, the genre of craft makers and design artists.

The BERLINDESIGNCLUB is open to any age or nationality, that currently resides in Berlin. If you are a design creative that does not reside in Berlin but still wishes to participate please contact us for possible opportunities.

The BERLINDESIGNCLUB rejects any and all representations of hate speech, racism, sexism, and any calls for discrimination or anti-democratic action.


The BERLINDESIGNCLUB was initiated by garth roberts to engage ambitious designers in Berlin and make a positive contribution to the city’s design profile.

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10179 Berlin, DE
+49 160 925 23328

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Become a BERLINDESIGNCLUB Participant ︎


Become a BERLINDESIGNCLUB Participant ︎


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