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The ‘Windows of Design’ ( WOD )
collab, presents Berlin’s talents and renowned creatives in the context of the shop window special "Windows of Design" (WOD).

"ALHAMBRA BERLIN and the BERLINDESIGNCLUB have one great thing in common: We rely on a community that is focused on the creative process behind the product. Each of the artists has a unique story to tell about their object and the store
offers the perfect stage to dive into the world of the creative.

_ garth
WOD Project Curator

Over six months and three interations of installations, ‘WOD’ featured Berlin designers as well as makers such as:

Jana Marlene Lippert, Philipp Weber,   Andreas Berlin, Craig Barrow, Finn MeierSanghyeok Lee, Sophie Rowleystudio b severin, Melina Kling, Studio Rlon, Camilla Richter...

The conceived and curated by the BDC initiator and international designer Garth Roberts, in response to COVID’s distruptions in retail and design industies.

Seeing the shop window as one of the most important communication instruments of a retail location, WOD was a perfect solution for ALHAMBRA BERLIN to leverage their shop frontage during the COVID ‘Lock-down’ periods while supporting Berlin’s creative community during a time of crisis.

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‘Windows of Design’ ( WOD )

BERLINDESIGNCLUB’s collaboration with Alhambra Berlin was the club's first physical intervention project.

Census   ( Work In Progress )
‘A Visual Scrapbook of Berlin’s Design Culture’

BERLINDESIGNCLUB’s Census publication is the club's first intervention. This project will document, as a visual summary, Berlin's design community in the format of a book.

The intention is to present a random sampling of the creative depth, diversity, and uniqueness within Berlin's design culture.

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